This kind of power only goes out by praying and fasting – Matthew 17:21

Our children have turned away from God. Our health is declining. Violence is increasing. We are hurt, lost, and drifting far from our Biblical foundation. This is a spiritual battle! And our only recourse is to get in the trenches, to fast and to pray!

TRENCHES is a framework designed to guide your prayers when someone in your TRENCH or associated with your TRENCH is under attack/ When the enemy strikes, we strike back harder. Here is a suggested process: 

  1. Determine who will be in your TRENCH (For more information re: starting a prayer group – Starting-a-Prayer-Group.pdf).
  2. Commit to 21-28 days of fasting and intentionally praying (Click here for more information regarding how to create a Prayer Schedule – Sample Prayer Schedule Template ).
  3. Determine how and what your TRENCH will pray for:
    1. Specific prayer requests from each person in your TRENCH (personal as well as the prayer requests for others). The prayers should be bold-only-possible-with-God-exceedingly-abundantly-beyond kind of prayers. Prayers should be specific so that the outcomes can be measured. 
    2. Thematic based prayers such as prayers for deliverance, healing, overcoming grief, fear, etc.  
  4. Individually determine what you will fast from (For more information on fasting – The Fast God Seeks ).
  5. Individually set a designated time to pray for identified requests each day (For more information on praying and meditating on God’s Word – Meditate on God’s Word).
  6. Journal your prayer journey (For more information regarding journaling read here Study God’s Word  or purchase a prayer journal Here).
  7. Set a time to meet weekly as a group in order to encourage one another and to pray together. During your weekly time together, share weekly prayer journey updates, share praise reports, and pray collectively for the strength and encouragement for each of you. 
  8. At the end of the 21-28 days, have a praise break, thanking God for how He showed up and showed out! Thank Him for the unanswered prayers that are a “praise in progress.” Thank Him for how He’s transformed you! 
  9. Share your journey with the Mazuri Ministries TRENCHES community – TRENCHES FaceBook Community!