Mazuri Ministries acknowledges and celebrates women who, by their faith, have overcome! Dive, Dine and Dish provides a snapshot into the lives of ordinary women, living extraordinary lives. Their testimonies serve as a witness of God’s goodness and hopefully will serve as a source of support for you too. 

To that end, Mazuri Ministries presents DIVE DINE and DISH! 

Each segment of Dive, Dine and Dish provides a glimpse into what it means to overcome. 


Through a unique, unforgettable, and inspiring experience, 4-8 women will have the opportunity to analyze their story from a different perspective. The “Dive” experiences are designed to rekindle the “I’ve conquered the world, I’m an overcomer” feelings and to remind them of God’s plans and purposes for their lives. The “Dive” experience will serve as the catalyst for dialogue. 



Each adventure will be followed by lunch because, well, “this girl” loves to eat! Ok, I’m not that shallow. According to chef James Beard, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Eating together fosters bonding and I can’t think of a more delicious way to fellowship with one another and to give God thanks for His bountiful blessings (Acts 2:42, 46).


This is our opportunity to “dish it out.” We engage in dialogue about what it takes to overcome. Dialogue provides the opportunity to share our insights about the “Dive” experience and how it relates to our personal journey. In addition, we will provide recommendations regarding your journey to overcoming. 

So sit back, relax, and take a Dive with us we exalt ordinary women who’ve allowed God to write their extraordinary stories.

Dive Dine Dish Epsiodes