Episode 1

Episode 1 of Dive, Dine and Dish features five ordinary women who I consider my sheroes. These women have overcome cancer, domestic violence, depression, loss and grief, and rocky childhoods. These women trusted me enough to join me on one crazy adventure. They dug down deep and reignited that same zest and zeal that got them through their individual crises to swing through the air, walk across rope no thicker than dental floss, and climb to heights unknown.

So sit back, relax, and take a Dive with us as we exalt these ordinary women, just like you and me, who’ve allowed God to write or re-write their extraordinary stories. 

And once you’ve been inspired, we encourage you to engage in your own Dive, Dine and Dish experience. How you might ask? Call a few friends, find an adventure park near you, and hit the ropes. Not only will it challenge you physically, but this type of experience can help you overcome fear, can propel you to step out and try something new and scary, and can motivate you with a spirit of I can do hard things! We swung and climbed at the Terrapin Adventures Park in Maryland. But, if you’re not in the DMV, I’m sure there’s a park near you.

Then find a restaurant where you can dine and dish about your shared experience. Here are some questions to spark your dialogue:

  1. What does the concept of overcoming mean to you?
  2. Describe a time when you felt powerless. How do you think this experience created, challenged and/or deepened how you think or feel about yourself?
  3. Share an experience of when you felt like a conqueror, like an overcomer? What specifically about that experience or moment served to empower you?
  4. Was there ever a moment when you felt that God wasn’t there for you or that He had let you down? If so, what was that like for you?
  5. If you were asked to give a keynote address to a group of women who have faced the same challenges that you have faced, what would you say to inspire hope?
  6. What song would serve as the theme song of your story?
  7. What Bible text, passage of scripture or Bible character served to motivate you?

And after  you do that scary, crazy, challenging thing, let us know. Share your Dive, Dine and Dish story with us at Mazuriministries.org!