If you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time letting go. The very thought of surrender is paralyzing. Well, my friend, I too, have tried to fight it. I tried to get through life without it. I thought I was happy remaining in control of my marriage, career, home, friendships, and even my worship experience. However, like so many of my other LIFE Lessons, I realize that maintaining control over every aspect of my life only provides me a semblance of security. Because while I wasn’t experiencing any extreme lows or unpredictable moments, I also wasn’t experiencing any extreme highs. There were no exhilarating peaks, no cups overflowing with abundant joy, no miraculous moments, and no room for God to be glorified. And being in control isn’t realistic, anyway. We have no control. My hope is that you will learn this principle much faster than I did. I had to learn how to surrender the hard way. My journey to relinquishing all control is one that had me kicking and screaming.

I want to live my life fully and completely for Christ. I want to go where He leads. I want to forsake all else and follow Him. But how do I know where God wants me to go? How do I give up everything while continuing to live comfortably in this world? God, in His infinite wisdom, has given us answers to every question we might have, every dilemma we may encounter, and every situation we may experience. 

Surrendering to God is probably one of the hardest things we are called to do. And the times don’t make it any easier. Especially when the messages we hear daily promote “girl power,” “ruling the world,” “being large and in charge,” and “doing it for ourselves.”  Yet these messages are in direct contradiction to God’s call for us to “humble ourselves,” “trust in His power,” “give up all for His sake,” and “take up our cross and follow Him.” While our total surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ may be challenging, it will be the most rewarding act (decision) you’ll ever make.

The LIFE Lessons to follow will explore the concept of complete surrender. Then, after having read and reflected upon God’s Story, I invite you to experience My Story as a reflection of God’s Word and workings in my life.  Finally, I encourage you to engage in various reflective exercises to support the writing, re-writing or sharing of Your Story.

It’s my desire that you get in the Word for yourself and that you then share your amazing story with others. This activity,Character Comparison, is  designed to support a greater understanding of God’s Word and to provide space for you to receive revelations and insights regarding God’s Word as led by the Holy Spirit. And this activity, Story Comparison, is designed to support the writing, re-writing and/or sharing of Your Story. 

I pray that My Story, in the light of God’s Story, will serve as a catalyst to transform Your Story. 

From my heart to yours,