Wouldn’t it be interesting if when we met someone new for the first time, instead of asking, “Hi, Davenia. What do you do?”, we asked, “Hi, Davenia. What’s at the heart of who you are?” Or “What makes your heart sing?” Or “Who are you becoming?”

I’m soooo much more than my job, a paycheck, or my resume. Yet, from an early aged we have a tendency to place people in labeled boxes, shaping us into who the world wants us to be. We’re labeled as rich or poor, black or white, young or old, professional, white collared, blue collared, educated, laborer, mom, dad, brother sister, daughter, son…the list goes on and on and on. And then it all gets whittled down to “what we do.” And at the age of 50 something, I’m still left wondering who I am.

This series of LIFE Lessons seek to reveal who we are in Christ. We’ll begin with God’s Word as you explore the concept of “identity.” And after having read and reflected upon God’s Story, I invite you to experience My Story as a reflection of God’s Word and workings in my life.  Finally, I encourage you to engage in various reflective exercises to support the writing, re-writing and/or sharing of Your Story. 

It’s my desire that you get in the Word for yourself and that you then share your amazing story with others. This activity,Thematic or Topical Study, is  designed to support a greater understanding of God’s Word and to provide space for you to receive revelations and insights regarding God’s Word as led by the Holy Spirit. And this activity,Who I Am in Christ, is designed to support the writing, re-writing and/or sharing of Your Story.

I pray that My Story in the light of God’s Story will serve as a catalyst to transform Your Story. 

From my heart to yours,