LIFE Bible Studies Format

The LIFE Bible Studies seek to arrive at the heart of the Bible for women, which is to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. 

To that end, all of the Bible Studies are organized under four major categories: LOVE GOD, KNOW GOD, REFLECT GOD and SERVE GOD. And within each of these categories you will find activities, devotionals, and reflective prompts and questions designed to equip, enlighten and empower you. 

Each series contains several LIFE Lessons in which I share My Story or my journey through God’s Word. The LIFE Lessons are designed to provide an example of how I’ve come to make sense of God’s Word through prayer, through the study of His Word, through music, through reflection, through the guidance of others, and through living (or attempting to live) His Word. It is my desire that my experiences and insights support to deepen your understanding and application of God’s Word along your life’s journey. I invite you to experience My Story as a reflection of God’s working in my life.

The format for the LIFE Lessons is as follows: 

  • Introduction – This section provides the context in which the LIFE Lesson was written and identifies the themes or concepts to be addressed. 
  • Scripture – This serves as the foundational text for the Lesson. It can also serve as a text for your memorization as you seek to hide God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11). 
  • Lessons Learned – This section provides insights, understandings, and revelations that I’ve received from the Word of God. 
  • Lessons Lived – This section provides practical and actionable practices you can employ to support not only the understanding of God’s Word but the living of His Word (Luke 11:28).
  • Reflections – This time of reflection is designed to spark a deeper understanding. Here I provide questions and prompts to encourage a more in depth meaning of the passage. The following questions are included in every LIFE Lesson with additional questions provided that speak directly to the theme or concept being addressed. 
    • How does the [identified scripture] speak to you?
    • What are your personal LIFE Lessons?
      • Liberation: What new insights have you gained that have freed you from past thoughts and/or practices? 
      • Inspiration: In what ways have you been spiritually, emotionally and/or mentally motivated to live for Christ?
      • Fortification: What additional scriptural texts, passages or stories can serve to reinforce and strengthen you against the attacks of the enemy?
      • Edification: How might you share your story in order to edify others and bring glory to God? 
  • Playlist – Here I provide songs that have served to encourage me. The songs selected are deemed relevant to the theme or concept being addressed and it is my desire that they encourage you as you process, digest, and apply what’s been shared. I encourage you to listen, and let the music infiltrate your soul. And I also encourage you to read the lyrics and obtain a message from the music.
  • Prayer – I close every LIFE Lesson with a prayer, and I encourage you to pray it as well.